Since 2002, establishment of “Tanan Impex” LLC conducting set of work with purpose of geological exploration and hydro geological investigation drilling work by client proposal in accordance with international standards and requirements. Along with volume of mineral exploration drilling and complex hydro geological research work has being expanded year by year, try to develop drilling service, implementation and acclimation of advanced method and techniques, and discipline staff to be qualified human resource.
    The company contributing our country`s creation with capacity of drilling down up to 500–3000m, by force and ability of over 200 employees, using 25 drill rigs and approximately 130 techniques.
     In result of implementation of “MNS ISO 9001:2010 Quality Management System” since 2010, “MNS ISO 14001 Environmental Management System” since 2012 in organization`s operation, became available to cooperate on numerous domestic and international projects with high quality level, and nature friendly manner therefore is upgrading our competitiveness in the sector.
Culture of our key business principles which set below:   

  • High quality of drilling service in adherence to applicable technology guidelines,   
  • 100% of risk guarantee in terms of our drilling activities,   
  • Flexibles quotes and proposals for our clients,   
  • Expectations and satisfactions to be considered as a key business focus .

    It is pleasant to express that Tanan Impex company staff trying to work bottom of the heart and cover with our glory under an appeal “Soul to Diligence, Diligence to Creation”.