In scope of work and service on hydrogeology.

1. Borehole cleaning /airlift /

  • Cleaning of borehole from solution and aquifer development.
  • Identification of constant level of underground water
  • Borehole preparation for aquifer survey.

    2. Aquifer survey /pump test/

  • Calibration test
  • Step test
  • Constant rate test

    3. Local data processing of hydrogeology includes

  • Borehole data processing
  • Parameter estimation of aquifer hydrogeology
  • Report processing of hydrogeology survey, groundwater reource and quality assessment etc

    Our company works on hydrogeology field experiment, pump test and local data processing in accordance with effective instruction, rule and international standard to provide client needs. Zil 131, Landcruiser 78 and Nord Benz etc equipped with modern hydrogeology test facility for dedication of hydrogeology pump testing and extended successfully.
    Airlift has been conducted in terms of hydrogeology exploration and production boreholes cleaning and predictive data obtaining of groundwater pumping rate using high capacity Atlas Copco, Ingersoll compressor /10-25 Bar/.Calibration test, Step test and Constant Rate test has been conducted with 1-30L/s Variable Speed Drive Pump with the capacity of 1-30L/s.Borehole data are processed and displayed as graphic boring logs using Log Plot software and hydrogeology parameters and data are processed by Aquifer Test software. Furthermore the estimation of groundwater reserve has been done by modern 3D mathematical modeling Modflow software.

    Citation of completed work on hydrogeology:

    Hydrogeology investigation drilling at Ovoot coal mine by South Gobi Sands LLC, Water supply and hydrogeology exploitative borehole drilling for Sumber coal mine,

    Hydrogeology drilling and pump teting at Tooroinshand by Oyutolgoi LLC Detailed groundwater investigation and hydrogeology research work of Water supply for Thermal Plant to be established at Nogoon Toirom coal deposit, hydrogeology assessment and reserve report,

    Hydrogeology survey of detailed exploration for Sainshand manufacturing water supply, underground water recourse and quality assessment in Bor Hoovor Gobi, by Water Authority of Mongolia/ Government funded/

    Water bore drilling and pump testing of Khanbogd water supply project and Undai River Diversion Subsurface Flow assessment project by Oyutolgoi LLC,

    "Groundwater investigation for Water supply in Khanbogd soum" project, reserve estimation and quality assessment report.