Occupational health and safety policy

     “Tanan Impex” LLC takes issue on health protection and provision of safety for employees or at first in all levels of company operation, providing required resources and follows related law and regulation.
    In process of formation of occupational health, safety management system, improving implementation continually prefer all employees` participation and leadership.
    Our main foundation of safety is a system that planned integrating low risk of accidents or damage, including ways to create jobs and beliefs of employees and consolidate understanding and experience are well-planned system. To prevent accidents, in scope of safety standards, rules and procedures identify potential risks, takes appropriate mitigation measures. Also confirm employees training, supervision, and evaluation of effective safety.
    We are trying to form occupational health and safety system in accordance with requirements of MNS OHSAS-18001:2012 “Occupational Health Safety Management System” standard, document, implement, keep and continually improve its efficiency. This standard implemented since 2012 and will officially be certified in 2015.
    Preferring issue on health protection and safety provision to fulfill their responsibilities indicated in job description of company most valuable wealth - every employee and aiming to provide participation of management level officials and all other employees, human resource, technique and financial resource.

Risk management

    Risk Assessment at all level of workplace has been conducted with the involvement of both employees and specialists and if any incident/accident occurs, Risk assessment on that particular workplace has been conducted again and measures to minimize the risks has been undertaken. In terms of technology initiatives, update and modification of equipment and tools, potential hazard identification and risk assessment is identified and relevant hazard and risk monitoring and control system is developed through sound analysis.